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Fitness Camp Workshop

Fitness Camp Workshop

Trainers Profiles

Laura Ozola is qualified as a Physical Educational Teacher and an Aerobic coach granted by the Latvian National Academy of Physical Education in 2001. Her degree has provided her with extensive knowledge in areas such as: Pedagogy, Anatomy, Physiognomy, Psychology, Nutrition and Biochemistry.

ALMASPORTS Training Camps, La Palma ( la isla bonita )

How do athletes train in winter?

It's a long, cold winter and if you struggle to get out of bed when it is frosty outside, imagine waking up to do a 90-minute run, followed by an hour swimming, another hour in the gym and then two hours on the bike.

For many athletics this is a typical Monday. The rest of the week sees a similarly gruelling schedule, with an average of over 30 hours across the seven days.

It is a physically demanding schedule but the mental cost of facing freezing conditions for repetitious training sessions, day in day out, can be just as exhausting.


                                                         Best ATP Tennis Coach ' Gunter Bresnik '

ALMASPORTS had the pleasure of spending some days with the world renowed ATP Tennis  Coach ' Gunter Bresnik ' during his recent stay in the Canary islands.  For me it was an honor to learn some tips from the master himself,  after all he coached Boris Becker to win some of his major Grand Slams throughout his career.

ALMASPORTS, a new concept for training and sporting holidays

ALMASPORTS, a new concept for training and sporting holidays

Sporting and Training holidays in La Palma, ´ la isla bonita´ of the Canary islands, Spain. ALMASPORTS, a new concept for training and sporting holidays in La Palma, Canary islands, Spain

  • A new sports concept prepared to receive the active tourist or professional/semi professional sportspersons who love sports
  • Our excellent 4 star accommodation Hotel Las Olas will make your stay a perfect experience
  • The location of La Palma is an ideal location for practicing sports all year round